American in Spain

Learning To Eat

February 21, 2010

thumbSometime in the past few weeks, Nora has left her "I must put everything I can touch into my mouth!" phase, and is now often content to hold objects in her hands, passing them from one hand to the other. This shift has coincided, unfortunately, with the introduction of self feeding, whereby she is given a small piece of cookie to pick up and eat. The first few times, she didn't understand what the cookie was for at all, and she picked it up and dropped it, picked it up and dropped it, just like she does with most things. Eventually she figured out that it was for eating and put it in her mouth...but she didn't understand that she needed to let go of the cookie once it was in her mouth, so she was just sucking on it with it pinched between her fingers. We'll keep working with her on this. Below is a three minute movie of Nora eating cookies with her mother. It's pretty adorable to me, but I can see how it might bore anyone else.