American in Spain

Standing Ovation

February 15, 2010

thumbThe other day, I put Nora in her little red chair. She was playing with an empty bag of wet wipes. Garbage, it turns out, makes the best toys. She loves playing with an empty plastic bottle. Anyway, where was I... Oh, right. She dropped it and it went a few feet in front of her, so she stood up!!! I was caught off guard, but was able to put my hand on her belly to stop her forward momentum, and she stood there for a few seconds.

What you're about to see is a reenactment of the event. The squeaky-toy sound you hear is the chair. It has a built in "reverse whoopee cushion" that makes a sound when you get up. Several times it has come in handy to notify us that the occupant has left the chair.

As of the date of this post she has yet to crawl even a millimeter. Something tells me Nora's going to skip the whole crawling stage entirely.