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Jacob and Ryan's Photographic Adventure

February 11, 2010
Blue Monkey

Last Saturday night, two participants in the Myrtle Beach Classic 2010 went out on the town for a crazy night out. Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and discovered photos on your camera that you didn't remember taking? Or how about having a friend steal your camera from you and try to take the weirdest photos he can? Well, that's what happened last Saturday. Ryan took Jacob's camera and went a little crazy. I wasn't present, but it's fun to follow their evening from bar to bar through the photographs. Surprisingly, some of them are quite good photography, creative subjects and skilled framing. $5.00 charge for whining

Awwwww, man! C'mon! That's way too high!

Have a Crappie Day

You too, buddy!


Apparently there was one point during the night when Ryan, after befriending the bar owner, was behind a bar pouring shots.

Drinking age

Sheesh! Soon babies born in the 90's will be hitting the bars.

Cigarette Safety First!

It's actually quite perfect that this photo is so blurry. What were they doing with this guy and why did he need a life preserver??

Sexy Hydrant

Does this fire hydrant have eyes and eye lashes?

Mirror Finger

The camera thief seems unremorseful.

Joint Venture

I'm sure that's just tobacco.


They met some really attractive women.

Nice 'stache

Nice 'stache!

Beer finger

Alrighty then. There was a predominant display of fingers across the whole photo set.

Bathroom corner

Excellent perspective.

Disco ball

Looks like you guys really had a ball!

The full set of photos, all 126 of them, is available for your perusal here.