American in Spain

Guitar Lessons

January 22, 2010

thumbMy guitar playing has dropped off significantly in the past year or two, downgraded from "enough to not forget any songs" to "enough to barely keep finger calluses". Occasionally when Nora is upset about something or generally demanding to be entertained, I'll pull out the ol' six-string and strum a bit for her. To her, I think the guitar is a big sound-making box that amuses her for no more than ten minutes. Last night, I played a bit for her and let her touch the strings. I think she enjoyed how the strummed strings felt on her hand. The first few chords I play are from Angel from Montgomery. The rest are improvised randomly...which means they often don't flow very well musically.

She's good at muting strings. Now we just have to do some strumming and fretboard work.