American in Spain

Bored on the Couch

January 13, 2010

thumbWhat follows is a video I recorded on December 5, 2009, which would make Nora 8 months and 11 days old. It's rather a boring video, and, to be honest, if it was your kid, I probably wouldn't watch it all the way through. But it's very representative of what it's been like to spend time with Nora over the last month. She sits up, looks around, looks for things to play with, sometimes gets tired and lies down, babbles, complains, and is generally as cute as a button. I have recorded and posted it mostly for my future self to be able to look back and remember exactly how she was at 8 months old. The opening outtake where I accidentally pressed the record button twice is one of the cutest moments, so you should at least watch that. The rest is optional.