American in Spain

Well Informed

December 9, 2009
Nora with the remotes

This morning when Nora got up, I fed her breakfast and set her on the couch while I went about organizing a few things around the house. I left the room for about two minutes, and when I returned, there she was, in the same place I'd left her, with both the television and cable box remotes in her lap, watching some Spanish political pundit on the news. The television had been off when I left. Recently she's been very fond of the remote controls. I'd like to think that she's noticed how much we have them in our hands and has attributed some importance to them, but I think it's really just the nice size and the way she can't fit it all the way into her mouth, so rather than bite on it, she can only rub her teeth against the plastic.

Watching the morning news

This is how I found her.

Nora with the remotes

Looking guilty with the remotes.

Nora with the remotes

Fish face with remote.