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Red Shoes and Walker

November 18, 2009
Cutie Face

These are some photos from two Sundays ago when Nora's grandparents, aunt, and great-grandfather visited us. They came bearing an awesome gift: a walker mocked up to look like the Space Shuttle! I couldn't be happier with the walker. I love that it smashes the gender toy stereotypes. Hell yes, my daughter can be an astronaut if she wants to!

But before we get to the walker, let's first check out a cute outfit that we bought in a much-needed winter clothes shopping trip we went on the weekend before. Black Dress, Red Shoes

Cute black dress.

When Gravity Attacks!

When gravity attacks!

Quick! To the space shuttle where gravity can't get us!

Piloting Space Shuttle Columbia

Piloting Space Shuttle Columbia.

This is a little bit of a Toy Company FAIL by choosing the name of one of the two space shuttles that killed its entire crew. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was designed before February 2003.

Looking to the stars

In this yellow hooded sweatshirt, she reminds me way too much of this photo.

Piloting Space Shuttle Columbia

Unknown life form on the starboard side!

A push from Great Grandpa

Getting a push from great-grandpa. She's dragging her feet, of course. She's not quite old enough to understand that her feet can be used for bipedal locomotion.

Aunt Belén

Teary-eyed, but content with Aunt Belén.