American in Spain


November 5, 2009

thumbNow that the barefooted days of summer are long past, Nora's got to keep her feet warm. If she wears just socks, in the rare times when they stay on for more than ten minutes, they get sucked on, drenched in saliva, the saliva evaporates, and her feet are freezing cold. Thus, shoes are a requirement both because they keep the saliva evaporation away from her feet and because they are a good way to keep socks on. But this child lives in a fishing village, and her concoction of patience and entropy is enough to undo any knot I know how to tie. As a result, she's discovered something way more fun to suck on than feet or socks: shoelaces! Quite often, when she's lying down or sitting in her stroller, one or both legs will shoot into the air seemingly randomly. It really does give the impression that a puppet master has tugged on a string and up shoots the appendage.

In this video, she combines these two behaviors and enjoys how the tugging brings the shoelace to life. The noisy toy under her foot might add to the excitement, too.