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Morphing Nora Into An Adult

October 29, 2009
Aged Nora

This is quite possibly the creepiest blog post I've ever posted, at least on a personal level. I've always known I would do this, and my regular readers might share in my surprise that it's taken me so long to do it. Yesterday, in a curiosity-fueled effort to speculate on what Nora might look like as an adult, I morphed my face with my wife's. Morphing is always creepy, and even more so when it is done with faces that you know very well.

Erik and Marga Morphed

A few things to notice...

  • The hair is all wrong, of course, but that's an unavoidable problem with morphing two people with radically different hair styles.
  • This face is better looking that either of us. This is also a common occurrence in morphing. When individual imperfections are averaged away the result is closer to what humans perceive as beautiful. And any psychologist will tell you there's some unconscious narcissism involved in my assessment.
  • For the same reason as above, the resulting face looks younger than either of us.

At this point there was really no turning back. How could I NOT morph Nora's present face into this combined face of her parents??


Aged Nora

So based on complete speculation, this is what Nora's face (ignore the hair) might look like when she's about 15 or so.

I told you it was creepy!