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Fleur de la Vie

October 22, 2009
Sweat Suit Photo Shoot

This sweatsuit is very representative of the state of Nora's wardrobe. Her warmer clothes that claim to be for a six or nine month old are all too small, leaving her ankles out in the cold.

I only wanted one good picture of her in this outfit, so, as usual, I snapped about a dozen, hoping to pick out one good one, but there turned out to be nine good ones that I couldn't bring myself to discard, so rather than one photo, I present you with a slideshow. They are all available on Flickr in their full-res glory. I think the one with her hands between her knees is my favorite.

The title of this post is what is written on the front of her sweatshirt. It's one of the few French phrases that I can understand, meaning, "Flower of Life".