American in Spain

Shaky Sunrise

October 20, 2009

thumbLots of walking on Sunday exhausted me, so I went to bed very early. When the 7:00 Monday morning baby feeding time arrived, I was ready to get up and start my week early. I could see just a hint of light in the east, and something about the clouds told me that it was going to be a lovely sunrise.

My intervalometer, the gadget that attaches to my camera to tell it to take a photo every five seconds, broke about six months ago. It just stopped working consistently. The new one that I ordered came in a few weeks ago, so I've been itching to try it out. Unfortunately, I am out of practice with making timelapse videos and I made a very amateurish error: I left the auto-focus on. The result is a shaky, "zoomy" video. I was so disappointed that I didn't even do any post-processing to put titles or music to it. Oh well. It's still gorgeous.

I hadn't noticed Venus when I was setting up the camera, so she was a nice surprise. Because of the elevated horizon, there's quite a bit of time between the red light on the clouds and the sun actually coming up over the hill.

Also available in full HD beauty, of course.