American in Spain

A Tooth for Grandma

October 16, 2009
Happy Nora

Nora has been toiling long and hard, day and night, to make a present for her grandmother's birthday today. There was pain. There was sweat. There were tears. And in the end, out popped her second tooth, which she wants to show her American grandmother today.

She's proud, but a little shy about it. Nora knows something

"Grandma, I have something to show you."

Nora Tongue

"Well, maybe not."

Nora Tongue

"No, I think I've changed my mind."

Nora Tongue

"You really wanna see?"

Two bottom teeth!

"My two front teeth!"

Two bottom teeth! (crop)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr") "Close-up!"

Happy Nora

"Happy birthday, Grandma!"

Love and congrats from Marga and me, too. Have a great [CENSORED]th year!