American in Spain

Sunset By The Water

October 6, 2009
Sunset Bollard

On Saturday, Marga had to work all day long. In the afternoon, Nora and I took a walk which took us by the water during sunset, on our way to visit Marga's work to see her when she stopped working. The sunset was particularly lovely, so I took some photographs.

Warning: This post contains trace amounts of bollards! Soccer at Dusk

Local kids play fíºtbol at dusk.

Sunset over Water Sunset over Water

Back further from the water sitting on a bench to watch the sun go down.

Sunset Wide

Wider angle.

Boats at Sunset

Boats at sunset.

Red Boat

A red boat named Colibri.

Sunset Bollard

Bollards likes sunsets, too.

Sunset Birds

A flock of birds. You can see them better in the large version.