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Secret Service Stumped by Facebook Assassination Poll

October 6, 2009

A few weeks ago, a poll surfaced on Facebook, asking whether or not people thought that President Barack Obama should be assassinated. As it began to get hundreds of thousands of votes, it also attracted the attention of the Secret Service, who never take any assassination threats lightly. Using all their government influence, they coerced Facebook into giving up the identity of the user that started the poll. Unfortunately, the initiator of the poll left very little information about himself. At the time of this writing, the Secret Services knows the following about the suspect:

  • He is male
  • He's in his mid sixties
  • He's recently been living in Delaware
  • His hometown is Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • His login name on Facebook and other social internet sites is: amtrakrider48

They are asking the public for any further information about this person to contact them immediately.

This post is satire. They actually caught the dumbass teen that made the poll.