American in Spain

Messy Eater

October 1, 2009

thumbI do have to admit that feeding Nora vegetable puree is actually kind of fun. After the first feeding, I realized, "So this is what bibs are for!" After the second day, it occurred to me to ditch the bib, as the shirt underneath always got stained anyway, and why wash two items when you can only wash one? A feeding session seemed like the perfect occasion for a timelapse video. So here we go... Watch in the first few seconds as she is focused on the spoon, which I dip in the puree, and she watches me move it up to my mouth. When I put it back in the bowl, she looks up at me again, as if to say, "Hey, buddy, you gonna give any of that to me?" Also notice how relatively patiently she waits through a telephone conversation.

It was during this feeding that I coined the fighter jet metaphor. I do a good job of restraining her hands at first, but then they escape. It's really hard to pull the spoon away from her when I have it by the handle and she has it by the much-easier-to-hold-on-to round end. You'll see one time when I tricked her and grabbed the round and and slid it out of her hands.