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Holy Angles of Burgos

September 30, 2009
Burgos Cathedral Angle

I really like cathedrals. They are a testament to what humans can do with good planning, hard work, creativity, patience, and good funding. I am left in awe by the meticulous detail of carving stone after stone after stone with the exact same shape, so that, when stacked together, they form perfect beautiful lines from floor to canopied ceiling. So I have a pillar fetish, so what?

Below are some photos I took during our recent visit to the Burgos Cathedral that didn't quite fit in with the main post. Burgos Cathedral Angle

I also dig vanishing point photography.

Burgos Cathedral Angle

If I'd had a tripod, I could have done more depth of field control. Oh well.

Burgos Cathedral Angle Burgos Cathedral Angle

This last one is my favorite.