American in Spain

Autophagic Ice Cream Cone

September 23, 2009
Mr. Ice Cream Cone

Since becoming a member of a Flickr group called Scary Beings Eating Themselves, I'm always on the lookout for such a photographic subject. Well, last Saturday in Burgos, we had a little run-in/altercation with one such scary being. Below I present the photographic evidence. Here's the little cannibal now...

Mr. Ice Cream Cone

Looks harmless enough to others, right?

The girls and Mr. Ice Cream Cone

So Marga and Nora posed with him.

But then someone had the idea to put Nora up on his arm.

Don't feed her to him!

This was too close for my comfort and I called an end to the photography session and sent in the troops to lick him to death.

Accosting Mr. Ice Cream Cone

I swear that's how it happened!