American in Spain

Meeting Cousin Chloé

September 22, 2009
Cousins Holding Hands

On Sunday, we were in Mondragon to meet Nora's cousin Chloé for the first time. Chloé is the same relationship depth to Nora as Cousin Rodrigo. Chloé is Nora's mother's mother's brother's son's daughter. Marga and Chloé's father, Andoni, are first cousins. We went to Chloé's parents' wedding just over a year ago. Chloé's mother is French, so she will be growing up in a bilingual household like Nora. Nora and Andoni

Nora with Andoni. Naturally, Nora seems enormous to Andoni.


Both girls on their great-grandfather's lap. Nora keeps Chloé at arms length. Move your mouse over the photo to see Chloé's reaction.


Happy grandmothers Manoli and Marce exchange granddaughters...only temporarily.

Cousins Andoni and Marga and their children

Cousins Andoni and Marga with their daughters.

The immigrants are reproducing!!

Oh no! The immigrants are reproducing!!

Aunt Belén

Can you tell where the television in the bar is? It's hard to interact with Nora if there's a television in the room.

Aunt Belén

There we go! Aunt Belén with her nieces.

Is that thing still behind me??

"Is that thing still behind me?? Is it still doing that bow-and-arrow thing?"

Aunt Marga

Aunt Marga gets in on the action.

Cousins Holding Hands

Cousins holding hands.

Eating Cousin Chloé

Nom nom nom! What did you think Nora would do with her cousin's hand?

Eating Cousin Chloé

Tastes a little French.

It will be fun to watch these two grow up together.