American in Spain

Blind Man

September 22, 2009
Blind Man - Frame Break

While in Burgos this past weekend, I watched this old man make his way across this open square. Normally, in my experience, canes for the visually impaired make little clicking sounds on the ground as they are swung back and forth feeling the landscape. But this one had a big rubber stopper on the end. Initially it make me think that it was really a cane for support, but he never put any weight on it, and swung it around in front of him. When he got closer, I took his photograph. It was simply begging for some post-processing photoshoppery, so I've selectively desaturated the background and made his cane break out of a frame. I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not supposed to be a metaphor for blindness in any way.

Blind Man - Frame Break

I encourage you to view it large, view the desaturated-only version, or the original photograph.