American in Spain

Meeting Cousin Rodrigo

September 21, 2009
Rodrigo: Small head, Big hands

On Saturday, we drove two hours to the city of Burgos to meet Nora's youngest cousin, Rodrigo, for his two week birthday and baptism. Rodrigo is related to Nora because – concentrate here! – he is Nora's mother's father's sister's daughter's son. His grandmother and Nora's grandfather are siblings. I had never been to Burgos, and I was interested in seeing its famous cathedral. With two cars and two conflicting GPS guides, we somehow managed to park near Rodrigo's neighborhood. Nora meets Valle de Gracia

Nora also got to meet her cousin Valle de Gracia for the first time. She's 2.5 years old and is Rodrigo's first cousin.

Cousins Rodrigo and Nora

Nora with Rodrigo.

Rodrigo: Small head, Big hands

Rodrigo's got a tiny little head and huge hands. It's cliché to say so, but I'd forgotten already how tiny babies are at birth!

Belén holds Rodrigo

Belén with Rodrigo, Nora with Uncle íngel.

Manolo and Valle

Valle de Gracia with her father, Manolo.

Uncle íngel with kids

Uncle íngel with Nora and his granddaughter, Valle.

Rodrigo's Baptism

The baptism begins. The ceremony was short and to the point, just like I like them.

Gothic Arches

Cool imperfect gothic arches in the little neighborhood church.

Rodrigo's Baptism

Rodrigo is with his Aunt Ana here. On her sides are Rodrigo's parents, Mariangeles and Rodrigo.

Rodrigo's Baptism

The big bird bath of sin absolution.

Nora with her mother

Nora with her mother. She's normally not this terrified to be with her mother, I swear.

Contemplating Religion (or pooping)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr") Nora contemplating religion...or perhaps pooping.

Rodrigo's Baptism

The attendees from our side of the family. I can't wait to see how many faces iPhoto finds in this picture.

Between lunch and the baptism, we got to go visit the Burgos Cathedral, which I will blog about in a post all its own.