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Purple and Green 'Jammies

September 16, 2009
Purple and Green Pajamas

When these pajamas arrived from Bulgaria back in April, they seemed so strange. All the pajamas and clothes we'd received for Nora until that point were pretty, soft pastels and small newborn-sized. The strong dark purple and green in these enormous pajamas seemed so...not for babies. Not to mention that all the pajamas we had had feet built in, and these were cut off at the ankle. When we stored the seemingly huge pajamas for way in the future, we didn't even notice that the way they are fastened differs as well, with the snaps going all the way down just one leg. Weird. But doggone it if summer didn't roll around and these pajamas were a wonderful welcome change from the weak, boring pastel colors and the open feet a nice transition from long, footed pajamas to short summer pajamas.

The first two photos were taken in July.

Purple and Green Pajamas

O hai!

Purple and Green Pajamas

The socks are separate.

The next photo was taken in September, when pajamas with the feet built in would no longer fit her, these still do.

Sleeping In Your Crib - You're Doing It Wrong!!

Sleeping in your crib: You're doing it wrong!

And quite possibly the coolest part of these pajamas? Check this out:

Made especially for you by happy people

"Made especially for you by happy people!" I wonder what the factory worker that sews that slogan into the clothes thinks about it.

So I just wanted to give a shout-out and a thank you to sgazzetti and his family for this unusual garment that at first seemed so bizarre and has come in so handy.