American in Spain

Grinding to a hal....

September 16, 2009

It annoys the crap out of me that my computer completely grinds to a halt when I try to simultaneously:

  • Import photos from my camera
  • Stitch together a panorama of photos in Photoshop
  • Bittorent an episode of The Daily Show Ubuntu disk image
  • View the screen of my coworker on another continent
  • Maintain a VOIP call with said coworker
  • Upload photos to Flickr
  • Run a local Apache server to update a Wordpress plugin
  • Sync my iPhone
  • Have 25 tabs open in Firefox
  • Check 136 RSS subscriptions
  • Check six email accounts
  • Update a Twitter client
  • Chat with another coworker
  • Run a java IDE
  • Compile a 1000+ class java project
  • Run two local web applications with said 1000+ class java project accessing a local database server
  • Write a blog entry complaining about the slowness

Time for a terabyte of RAM and a solid state drive RAID array, I think...

...or maybe just a reboot.