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Sitting Up and Falling Down

September 10, 2009
Open Mouth (video frame)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")First of all, I apologize, dear reader, for going five entire posts without giving any new information, photos, or videos about Nora. She's doing just fine. A couple weeks ago, however, she experienced her first disease. Well, an infection; that qualifies as a disease, right? She started getting little white spots on her tongue and lips. This happened to coincide with her five-month vaccination visit to the doctor. The pediatrician took one look at her and said, "Yep, it's a fungus." The doctor told us that it could be caused by poor sterilization of the bottle nipple or too much sterilization of the bottle nipple. Huh? Call me a scientist, but I personally suspect that it's related to the fact that she puts anything and everything she can get her little hands on into her mouth. After seeing all the crap she's put in there, the pomp and circumstance of bottle sterilization seems a little ridiculous. Within only two days of applying an oral fungicide, it cleared right up. There was much rejoicing. Fungal Infection

"What? I only kissed that boy because he looked like such a fun–gi!" [ba-dum-tsss!]

The other day during our walk that took us by the zombies, we also walked by a horse in a small pasture. He was bucking and throwing up dirt and generally being restless. When we got there, he walked over to see us, and I realized how low the wall between us was for him. Cautious because of his odd mood, I reached up to pet his mane, but he wouldn't really let me touch him. He was, however, very intrigued with the miniature human we had in the stroller. Very carefully, we moved the stroller close to the wall, so he could see Nora better. He gave her a very tender nuzzle as she stretched her leg out to touch his soft nose. It was a very sweet moment.

Horse Kiss

"Why the long face?" [ba-dum-tsss!]

Her new favorite game involves being pulled up to a sitting position, which she is completely unable to maintain by herself, which makes her giggle in anticipation of the scary fall back down. I've been trying to stress the importance of holding the sitting position, but she doesn't seem to care much. She's not taking her failure as a sitter very seriously at all.