American in Spain

More Extremadura Sunsets

September 7, 2009

During our evening walks in the Extremadura summer heat, I enjoyed taking my camera along and capturing the beauty of the sunsets across the huge horizon-to-horizon sky. Here are a few pictures that didn't make the cut for my previous HDR post.

One of the cool thing about taking an entire fortnight of vacation and spending much of it outside in the evenings for an astronomy enthusiast is that you get to see one complete half of the moon cycle, from new moon to full moon. Crepuscular!

This is my favorite photo in this post. With the wide angle, you can see all the colors of the rainbow, from red to purple. And yes, there is a tiny hint of green in there.

Crepuscular Sunset Crepuscular Rays

All of these first three photos show the atmospheric phenomenon known as crepuscular rays, lines of shadow rising up from the clouds.


Sunsets just aren't the same without clouds. I suppose cloudless ones are pretty in their own way, though. It reminds me of this photo I took of a beer bottle.

Setting Sun Through Trees

Some days we had walked too far and the sunset was obstructed by trees.

Thumbs Up Sun

My thumb and the setting sun, pretty similar in angular size. This is what we photographers call a "thumbnail" image.

Sunset Trees

The red evening sky silhouettes some trees.

Looming Moon

On the night that I knew the moon was full, I spent a lot of time staring at the horizon opposite the sunset, waiting for the Moon to make her appearance. That she came up over this little house was just a bonus.