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Monkey Alarm

September 6, 2009
Miss Monkey Business

We continue to refer to our daughter affectionately as "the monkey". The reason being that, until she learns how to walk or talk, caring for her isn't all that dissimilar to caring for any young primate who has learned to user her opposable thumb to grab and tug on everything in sight. Recently a new behavior has emerged in which she sings in the morning. Every morning at about 8:30, she'll wake up in her crib and begin singing/screeching vowel sounds, delighted at her ability to vibrate her vocal chords and produce audio stimulus. As we still have the crib in our bedroom, this means that we have a little primate alarm clock and at least one of us must get up when it goes off.

Last night we bathed her a little early and she fell asleep immediately afterwards. The result is that the monkey alarm went off at 7:00 this morning instead of 8:30, roughly twelve hours after her bath (with two feedings during the night). And today it was my turn to get up and bring her downstairs where she is still singing.

The monkey alarm doesn't have a snooze button.

Miss Monkey Business