American in Spain

Dinner and a Portrait

August 29, 2009
Leering Erik

On the penultimate night of our summer vacation in Extremadura, we went, at my insistence, to a local restaraunt that we call El Cruce because it's at a crossroads, but that is really called Hotel Trajano. The food was excellent, as always, but so was the company. My camera got passed around the table, and my sister-in-law, Belén, took several portraits of the attendees. She's a good portrait photographer. I present the photos in the chronological order that they were taken.

Which bottle is for baby and which is for Daddy?

One of these bottles is for Nora, and one is for her father.

Sisters Belén and Marga

Sisters Belén and Marga. The former is more photogenic.

Cuttlefish and Garlic Mayo

A starter course of cuttlefish with alioli (garlic mayonnaise). The alioli is the real reason we go to El Cruce. It's to die for.

Steak, fries, and peppers

My sirloin steak with fries and a red pepper.

Marga is Jay Leno

Apparently I married Jay Leno.

At this point, Belén takes the camera.


Abuelo, Marga and Belén's grandfather.


Sweaty Juan. What? It was hot!

Leering Erik

Doing my best to look sexy... The trick to the sexy look is showing just the right amount of chest hair. That, and looking like a sunburnt pig. At least my shirt matches my eyes...


Marga looks to her right.


Ha ha ha ha ha...

A lovely dessert called a Pajama

A dessert called a "pajama", as in the last thing you need before bed, which contains flan, ice cream, lemon sorbet, peaches, pineapple, caramel, nuts, and whipped cream.




Belén gives up the camera, but only to have her own photo taken.


What a lovely dinner. Here, have a limoncello.