American in Spain

Activity Mat: The 180°

August 21, 2009

thumbI recently tweeted that:

Daughter's current mobility status: Can't crawl, can't sit up, but won't necessarily be in the same place you left her 5 minutes ago.

Which prompted one wiseass comment asking if I was alluding to teleportation. The truth is that I don't fully understand her current method of locomotion. It has to do with raising her feet, sometimes grabbing them, letting them fall to the side, and then rolling back over to her back. Somehow her finishing position is not the same as her starting position. When repeated multiple times, she can move quite a ways. Just before I filmed this video, I accused her of spinning around on her activity mat like the minute hand of a watch. I turns out that, in the video, she does a full 180° in about 25 minutes. Don't worry, I've timelapsed it because I know you're busy.

Watch big in full HD glory. I love the lighting from the cloudy sky out the window.