American in Spain

The Day It Rained

August 18, 2009
Rain on grapevine leaves

The part of Spain we go to in the summer is very, very dry. In the summer, it can go for months at a time with zero precipitation. 2009 was my seventh year going there, and I think I'd seen it rain twice, never for more than an hour, in previous years. One day this year, August 13, it rained all morning long, bringing the temperature from 28° down to 22° for a few hours. By lunchtime, however, the ground was dry and the temperature was back up to its regular 33° or so. Because rain is such a strange occurance, when it happens, everyone comes out of their houses into the street to stand there looking at each other and commenting on the weather. This year, as people were gathered in the street, someone noticed that a storm drain was blocked and a large puddle was forming. Luckily, Agustí­n, son-in-law of our neighbor, stepped up to become the local hero, risking life and limb diving into the clogged storm drain.

Agustí­n clearing storm drain

Man, that's a deep puddle!

Agustí­n clearing storm drain

Hooray for Agustí­n!

Drops on clothes line

The chimney as seen through two water drops on a clothes line.

Rain on grapevine leaves

Rain drops on a grapevine leaf.

Rain on grapevine leaves It's wet outside, Grandpa!

It's wet out here, Grandpa!

The house plants are escaping!

We left the door open, and the house plants made a break for it. We caught them again, though.