American in Spain

Back from Extremadura

August 16, 2009
Four Grandparents

We made it back today from our annual pilgrimage to my wife's family's ancestral home in southern Extremadura. This was an extra special year, not only because it was the first time we were there with a baby in the family, but because my parents got to visit and experience the small town life of Extremadura first hand rather than just reading about it on my blog. Having Nora with us meant not taking many touristic day trips as we have in previous years, so we spent most of our time walking around town wearing a path in the cement from bar to bar. Since my energies were focused more on translating and hosting my parents, I didn't take quite as many photos as previous years, but my parents did bring over a new HD video camera that I purchased just before their travel, so I have some good video to share...if I can only figure out how to clear enough disk space to properly edit it. For the trip down, we dressed Nora in her red fish t-shirt, and she didn't wear it again until the trip back, when it was noticeably smaller. I'm pretty sure she grew at least four centimeters in the last fortnight. Unfortunately, my pants were a little tighter on the trip back, too. My Wii Fit is sure to give me a good talking to.

Nora and her American grandparents had a wonderful time meeting each other again. I heard my mother sing her songs that I'm certain I haven't heard since I was four years old.

Four Grandparents

Nora with her four very proud grandparents: Juan, Marce, Betsy, and Paul.


The remaining photographs were taken while waiting for my parents' bus to take them back to Madrid on their journey home.

Saying goodbye to Grandpa at the bus station

Grandpa's face is prickly!

Saying goodbye to Grandpa at the bus station Saying goodbye to Grandma at the bus station Saying goodbye to Grandma at the bus station

Grandma's a little more tan than Nora.

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa at the bus station

Bye-bye, Grandma and Grandpa! I'd miss you if I could remember anything at all about this vacation!