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Young Eyes, Old Eyes

July 31, 2009
Nora's Left Eye

Nora's eyes were looking particularly beautiful the yesterday, so I broke out the close-up lenses for a photography session (again). The term close-up is really very apt, as this is really what she looks like when you nuzzle up to her face. After a few shots, I decided to turn the camera on myself, to see the contrast between old eyes and young eyes. Nora's Left Eye

I admit that I tweaked the saturation a bit here, but only because the lighting didn't capture the true blueness of her iris.

Nora's Right Eye

Right eye.

Nora's Eyes Erik's Eyes

Man, this contrast makes me look old wise!

Erik's Right Eye

Just my right eye.

My office, as I see it

My office, as I see it. This is a crop of the previous photo, clearly showing my desk, printer, office chair, and monitor. Pretty cool.

Her blue eyes are really quite stunning. Living here in the land of brown hair and brown eyes, her baby blues are the first thing people notice and comment on about her. I'm secretly hoping that Nora gets some of my green and yellow when she gets older.

Rejected alternate post titles:

  • ...of the beholder
  • The eyes have it!