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A Closer Look At Nora

July 22, 2009
Nora Right Eye

No doubt my regular readers have been expecting a macro photography baby post, given my recent interest in the field of close-up photography, and my favorite photographic subject of late. Recently, she was sitting on the sofa looking adorable, so I started taking pictures of her. After the first two shots of her feet, I decided to pull out the magnifying lenses and make it really personal. Below are some very close photographs of my daughter. Nora - Left Foot

Nora - Left Foot

The pictures that follow were taken with a 10x close-up lens.

Nora Toes Nora Toes Nora Fingers on Daddy's Finger

Her fingers wrapped around mine.

Nora Left Eye

Near pigmentless eyebrows and lashes.

Nora Mouth

Pretty minimal mustache.

Nora Nose

I like how only a line up over the bridge of her nose is in focus.

Nora Left Eye

Left eye.

Nora Right Eye

Right eye.

Cubism Montage

Nora Right Eye Nora Left Eye Nora Nose Nora Mouth