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Nora Fashion - July 2009

July 16, 2009
A little freaked out right now!

We've got three new outfits to debut on the internet. The only think keeping this kid off the catwalk is the whole walking prerequisite. Behold: Wild Flower Nora, Summer Safari Nora, and Country Club Nora. All of the poses here were complete flukes where she was captured in a particular position during her frantic flailing.

Nora Baby Bee Dress

This "teapot" pose is really nailing the Sixties Nagging Housewife look.

Nora Baby Bee Dress With Sweater

Showing some leg.

Nora Explorer Outfit

Crocodile get your foot?

Nora Explorer Outfit

There's something very Charlie Chaplin-esque about this shot.

Nora Explorer Outfit boldly go where no baby explorer has gone before!

Nora White Shorts Pink Top A little freaked out right now!

Double-chinned surprise.

There are a few more similar to these adjacent to these photos in my Flickr photostream if you want to click through to Flickr.