American in Spain

Milk Vending Machine

July 14, 2009

thumbThe other day when we were out and about in nearby Laredo, I saw a previously unseen contraption. A milk vending machine, right there out on the street corner. A testimonial of a friend told us that it's the "good fresh kind" of milk that hasn't undergone UHT processing. According to that Wikipedia page, 95.7% of the milk consumed in Spain is UHT. Despite UHT giving milk a nine-month shelf-life, the wary doubtful Americans are afraid to buy it since it's not delivered under refrigeration (which is the whole point of the process, anyway!). It's a little like not buying an automobile because it doesn't have horses pulling it. From what I can tell, the process goes like this:

  1. You buy a 0.40€ bottle, or bring your own.
  2. You put in 1€, open the door, hold your bottle under the spout and push "Start".
  3. A tiny little dairy farmer milks some miniaturized cows into your bottle.
  4. You thank the farmer and close the door.

Pretty weird. The photos are close and cropped because there was a crowd of curious onlookers around the machine.

Milk Vending Machine Milk Vending Machine