American in Spain

Flying Solo

July 14, 2009
Activity on Activity Mat

Well, Nora, it's just you and me from now on in the mornings, kiddo. Your mother's maternity leave has ended and she's back to work today. She's starting on a Tuesday because she worked a full day on Monday, March 23, before going into labor that night. In Spain, at the moment, women get 16 weeks of government-paid leave after reproducing. Needless to say, it has absolutely flown by. In the summer, your mother works a summer schedule that makes her get up extra early, but she gets off at 14:00 and can come watch you while I begin my EST workday. But when September comes, you'll be spending the afternoons at the guarderí­a (daycare). We've signed up at the public daycare (cheaper than private, but not free), but, since Colindres is one of the most reproducingest towns in all of Iberia, there are roughly 4 applicants for each spot at the public daycare. Also, since they give preference to poorer families, we are very doubtful of our chances there. This is why we've already enrolled you at a private daycare. We evaluated the two that are between our house and your mother's work, and the choice was easy to make.

Walking into these daycares was like falling down a memory rabbit hole. Memories I hadn't thought about for a long time about my own childhood came flooding back. Everyone has their little cubbyhole with their name and photo. Tiny little porcelain toilets (for the older kids). I laughed when I first walked in, because there, inside the first classroom, were a row of six or seven kids, all with their pants down, sitting on colorful plastic trainer potties waving at me.

Anyway, we're both dressed and breakfasted already and we're gonna head out for a walk around town. You've behaved very well all alone on your activity mat for the duration of this post. I'm optimistic about our time together, and thankful that I have a work schedule that lets me spend so much time with you.

Activity on Activity Mat