American in Spain

Little Red and White Striped Hoodie

July 10, 2009
Oh, hello.

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Little Red Riding Hood, does it? Nora's only aunt, Belén, bought her this chandal at least a month before Nora was born. I know, because I remember a couple weeks before Nora was born, we bought her some red and white sneakers to go with it. The Spanish word chandal describes any sort of warm sports clothing. It's like "sweat suit" or "track suit" in English. Anyway, we love it so much that, since her birth, we have tried to put it on her three or four times, but it was always too big. Though still a little roomy, she can now finally wear it.

Some people have clothes that make them look good, but I think with Nora it's the opposite; she makes the clothes look good. This particular outfit is especially adorable. Gracias, Tí­a Belén! Striped Fish

This girl is too fast for my shutter. Look at that hand blur!

Striped Fish

More blurred extremeties. I love the little striped fish.

Striped Hoodie

Sweat shirt on, tongue out.

Striped Hoodie

In Da Hood.

Ruby Sneakers

Lookin' good. Hangin' out. Shoes are only allowed on the couch if they aren't ever used for walking.

Oh, hello.

Hi there! (Photo by Aunt Belén)