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Stuff I Thunk - June 2009

June 30, 2009

Not so much thunk as overheard on American Dad:

Heisenburg's wife was unhappy because when her husband had the time, he didn't have the energy. And when he had the position, he didn't have the momentum!

Not a lot of quantum physics sex jokes out there, I'm guessing...but then I don't work at CERN.

You know you've been thinking too hard about parenting when.... I dreamt that the entire human population was preparing to switch over from a "bad behavior is punished and good behavior is ignored" system of government and law enforcement to a "bad behavior is ignored and good behavior is rewarded" system. I was a senior member of the team that was outlining guidelines and getting everyone ready. I was in charge of the department dealing with traffic laws. For some reason, because this was such a huge paradigm shift, we were all changing the side of the road we drove on. Sounds like the doings of Supreme Leader Obama and his fascist communist regime.

I wonder what percentage of YouTube videos are still viewed using a cathode ray tube, the technology that the video sharing site took its name from. If it's higher than 2%, I'd be surprised.

The Flickr iPhone web interface is absolutely outstanding! It should be used as an example for anyone designing a website for handheld devices. I am consistently impressed with the simplicity and intuitiveness of using Flickr on my iPhone. There are several Flickr iPhone apps and none of them come close to the ease of Flickr's own web interface in Safari for browsing photos. The native apps are only good for (and are required for) uploading.