American in Spain

Stuff I Seen - June 2009

June 30, 2009

Like the "Stuff I Thunk" series, the "Stuff I Seen" series relays information from my brain into my blog, only the SIS series is narrowed down to thoughts provoked by stimulus from my visual cortex. Let us begin, shall we? I was walking with my father-in-law and we decided to cut through a playground. There were a group of about eight ten-year-olds standing together looking at something on the ground. One of them said, "I have no idea what that is, but it's disgusting!" As we approached, my brain began guessing what it was that they were looking at. I figured it was probably a dead bird, or maybe an unusual insect of some kind. When we walked by them, neither my father-in-law nor I could resist the urge to see what it was. There, on the ground, was: a condom. I remarked, "Heh, they don't know what that is." My companion replied wisely, "They will. They will."

On my morning walk one day I saw a slightly overweight Latina immigrant with a small child. Her shirt had a phrase in English which she, nor her boyfriend or husband, most likely couldn't read. It said: "My other boyfriend is MUCH HOTTER." Classy!