American in Spain


June 29, 2009
Foosball Player (cropped)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")One thing I learned when I moved to Europe is that I really, really suck at foosball. The pub culture in Denmark, England and Spain has resulted in a very high average foosball skill level of any 20-40-year-old you find in a bar. I can probably beat the majority of ten-year-olds, but any older than that and you should bet on my opponent. This one foosball table at my in-laws social club always attracts my eye. I love the worn look of the wooden players. What better subject to play around with aperture and depth of field? Foosball


Male pattern baldness.

Foosball Foosball

Foosball players seem like an interesting subject for other photography experiments with lighting and shadows and such.