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Even More Nora Clothes

June 26, 2009
Silly Girl

Nora continues to look faaaa-bulous in all her new clothes. Today she hit a milestone: she had her first real laugh. She's been smiling a lot more lately, but this was an actual "ha ha" giggle. Needless to say, her mother and I were overcome with joy. I think the reason that it's so difficult to capture a laugh or smile in a photograph or video is that, aside from pleasure gained from digestive tract pressure release, she requires a true eye-to-eye human connection to smile at the moment. The camera breaks that connection. Not to mention the Pavlovian punishment of a big flash in the face whenever she comes close to a smile... Looking good in my hat

I love hats. Hats (not all) do great things for the aesthetics of the human face, in my opinion.

Excuse me, but is that a Canon 40D?

Put that camera down and hug me!


Fine, I'll just go to sleep, then.

Red and White Shorts

Red and white shorts.

Red and White Shorts

Running in place.

Pink Dress, White Sweater

Pink dress with stylish white sweater. Ladies keep their feet together.

Silly Girl

Goofing around. This is probably the best captured smile so far.

Nora wishes you a great weekend.