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Ethics of blogging about your children in the first person

June 9, 2009

Several dozen times now I have come close to starting a blog or twitter account or Facebook account for my 77-day-old daughter, and updating it as if it was her talking about herself. But there's something that always stops me. It feels vaguely unethical. Like I'm not sure that I would have wanted my parents to do the same to/for me. The Golden Rule and all that. It would be cute as the dickens, of course, and it would help separate my own identity and thoughts from all the reporting on her activities. Let's face it, the Offspring post category has rather exploded around here lately. It's one thing to do it for an inanimate object, but eventually she's going to grow up and participate in the social internet world, and maybe she won't like having these old accounts (and scatological status updates) lying around?

Can I get some opinions from my audience about this? Would you do it for your kid? Would you really enjoy reading Nora's status updates from a separate account? Knock me off the fence.