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May 30, 2009
Flowery Dress

Nora has such an enormous queue of clothing to try on in her wardrobe that it's daunting to even consider. With the summery weather this week we've used three summer dresses, the pink one, and the two you see below. So far, I think we have bought her three, maybe four, outfits, and we have received about 50 as gifts. This kid has an impressive wardrobe, I tell you. Flowery Dress

This dress, given to us by a local friend, Elena, is awfully short, even by 1960's standards.

Flowery Dress

But it comes with a bonnet, so it's okay.

Flowery Dress With Mom

Looking good with Mommy.

On The Master Bed

Asleep this morning on Mommy and Daddy's enormous bed.


When I rotated her 90°, she disappeared completely. You gotta be careful with these camouflage baby outfits. These sleeveless onesies are paramount to wearing a summer dress properly.

Second Class Pooh Stamp

Nora found this second-class Pooh stamp a little offensive. She's first-class all the way!

Butterfly Dress

The butterfly dress she wore today.

On behalf of Nora and family, I hope you're having a great weekend.