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Nora's Baptism Pictures

May 21, 2009
Four Generations

There's not much to say about Nora's baptism that these pictures don't say a thousand times better. The ceremony was short and boring, and the meal was delicious. I think that everyone in attendance would agree that the day was enormously fun and spent with a very loving family. I could think of no happier way to spend a Saturday than eating and drinking well surrounded by people whom I love and who love me so much. Baptism Ceremony

The wetting of the babe.

Free of Sin

Nora was looking pretty stunning in her baptism gown.

Abuelo, Joyce, and Betsy

Marga's grandfather with my grandmother and mother.

Man Kiss

My father gives Marga's grandfather a kiss. I translated a nice long conversation between them before they "got physical".

Loving Grandfather

A proud grandfather with his granddaughters.

Four Generations

Four generations. Nora, her parents, her four grandparents, and two great grandparents.

The Gang

The whole gang that was in attendance, minus a few stragglers.

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Thank you to all who attended. And thank you to blogrollmate Sharon for showing up to chat with us.