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Diaper Change

May 7, 2009

thumbWhen I began uploading this video, there was nothing new to report on the baby-rearing front. Pooping, sleeping, farting, bathing, crying, feeding, etc. But while it was uploading, we had a major breakthrough in breastfeeding! Nora actually suckled bare nipple! Previously, on The Nora Files... This is the first time she has ever extracted anything directly from her mother's breast without the use of some adapter made of space-age plastic. Her mother and I are ecstatic that our child has learned to do what every other mammal on the planet is born knowing how to do. Congrats to Nora and Marga! Back to what this post was supposed to be about before we were interrupted with breaking news: I made this video a week or two ago during a typical diaper change. These are the moments that new parents don't like to brag about. She's really only wailing like this about 40% of the time during diaper changes these days. And those are typically the ones where she's advised us that milk should be placed in her food hole NOW PLEASE and we've decided that feeding will go better with a clean diaper. A lot of figuring out what a baby is crying about is a process of elimination, you see.

One skill that we've mastered is to count to 20 after unfastening the diaper and before removing it. 70% of the time the contact with open air induces more excretions. If nothing happens after 20 seconds, you're faced with a time bomb that hasn't gone off when it should have. Sometimes you wait a little longer, and eventually you just have to move quickly and hope for the best. Occasionally you get surprised. C'est la vie.

I swear my voice is not normally this high pitched. That's caused by my Daddy Neuron that raises the pitch of my voice to sound more like a woman when I talk to a child.