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Erik and Nora

April 14, 2009
Erik and Nora (Father and Daughter)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")Recently I asked, just out of curiosity, my parents to scan and send some infant pictures of me. The results were astounding. Marga's family and I looked at the photos and immediately said, "That's Nora!" Also, Marga, who knows me best, says that she often recognizes gestures that Nora makes as being identical to mine. Apparently Nora and I spend a lot of time touching our faces.

The other day, while watching a fíºtbol match on television, with Nora in my arms, I was resting my elbow on the armrest and my chin on my closed fist. I glanced down to check on Nora and saw that she, in her sleep, was making the exact same fist-to-chin gesture. It's like looking into a time mirror sometimes. Erik and Nora (Father and Daughter)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")

She's way better looking than I am, that's for sure. The originals of these two photographs are here and here.