American in Spain

Expressions Of A Fortnight-Old

April 8, 2009

thumbnailNora's expressions continue to fascinate me, but what most makes me grin lately is the look on Marga's face when she's watching an alert Nora make faces. So much happiness in the house these days. I even rather enjoy the times when diaper changing explodes in showers of earth tones. We complain about the sleepless nights, but the complaints are only superficial. Caring for a newborn has got to be one of Life's best obstacle courses. I shot this pretty close up, and then iMovie's image stabilization (which unbelievably rocks, by the way) cropped it even further. But hey, if you're going to have a close-up video made of your face, doing it with your infant skin is the way to go.

This video is a little long. I might not watch it all if it was of your kid, so feel free to stop halfway through. If you do make it through, here are a few things to notice:

  • She's got some pretty strong brow furrowing already. I think she's concerned about the economy.
  • When she has the hiccups, she is completely disabled from doing anything else. It's like a mental straitjacket. She can't cry, sleep, or...well, that's all she knows how to do. She just sits there anticipating the next spasm.
  • Yes, she's showing hunger gestures. I filmed this just before and during feeding her.
  • The scratches around her mouth are from her own fingernails.