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Clever Baby Photography Idea or Who Peed On The Scanner?

April 6, 2009
Nora Foot Scan Gone Horribly Wrong

This morning I had a great idea. I'd place Nora's foot on my flatbed scanner and scan her little bare foot. Then I'd do her hand, and if things went well, I'd repeat every week. The theory was sound, geeky, and interesting.

For some reason the scanner set itself on super-high-resolution mode which required a pause between each two-centimeter step of the scan. This resulted in Nora being forced to remain vertical about ten seconds longer than she wanted to. And this resulted in...well. Nora Foot Scan Gone Horribly Wrong

By the time the scanner made it down to the bottom of this image, there was already a pool of urine collecting on the scanner glass.

This idea may need to be rethunk.