American in Spain

Birth of a Daughter - Twitter Feed

March 26, 2009

Below is my Twitter feed posted during the birth of my daughter, saved here for posterity.

M: This kid's coming soon! Me: So we should go to hospital? M: I should do my hair first. There'll be a photo after birth. Me: Um. Okay.

1:26 AM Mar 24th

At hospital. Contractions every 7 minutes or so. The 2 hrs waiting at home before it was "time" was tough.

4:15 AM Mar 24th

Man, this whole reproduction thing is unfair and unbalanced.

5:22 AM Mar 24th

Banished from room. Wandering around eerie silent 4:30am hospital. Almost entered morgue by accident. Not man enough for that today.

5:28 AM Mar 24th

Nurses say she's still "green". As in "not ripe". Sigh...

6:10 AM Mar 24th

There is only one god and his name is Epidural Anesthesia. No change. Both (all 3?) got a little sleep.

8:10 AM Mar 24th

Stupid noisy well rested morning shift! I hate you all.

8:49 AM Mar 24th

Local family noified. Initate Basque caravan.

9:21 AM Mar 24th


11:20 AM Mar 24th

Still waiting........... Inlaws arrived.

12:16 PM Mar 24th

Epidural drip ran out. She shouts (in English) "Get me the candy man, stat!!"

12:42 PM Mar 24th

Final prep.

1:57 PM Mar 24th

And she's out!! Nora Rasmussen Matamoros has escaped from the womb. She's perfect of course..except for my chin. Poor thing!

2:55 PM Mar 24th

So far I'm crying more than my hour-old daughter.

3:26 PM Mar 24th