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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

March 17, 2009
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Worth seeing detail large.

An Irish pub was giving out these hats two years ago with the purchase of a Guinness. I suspect I'm the only nut that saved his.

I'm not Irish to any reasonable degree, and I've only been to Ireland thrice, once for each shamrock leaf. But there's something that I like a lot about St. Patrick's Day. Maybe because my second trip to Dublin during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations was such a pleasant weekend, I don't know. I might talk the missus into going down to the local Irish pub for a Guinness this evening, but it was so disappointing last year when we went and the bartender didn't even know there was anything significant about the date, that we might not even bother.

May your day be filled with luck and joy (and a minimal quantity of snakes)!

Search hits for my Leprechaun House photo are spiking already today.