American in Spain


February 20, 2009
Not me, nor my address

This might be a new world record in the category of Misspellings When Each Letter Was Spoken To You Over The Phone. The Spanish language is notoriously bad for distinguishing spoken letters, as most of the consonants are pronounced by putting an "eh" sound before and after the consonant sound. On Ruleta de Suerte, they require everyone to provide a word that begins with the letter they choose before accepting a chosen letter.

We requested a quote from some carpenters to build us a custom wardrobe to go under the stairs in our house. The quote arrived in the mail today in the pictured envelope. Somehow, even after coming to our house, they managed to put the wrong town on the address, too. Kudos to the postal service for figuring it out. Fafmuffem Envelope

I can understand mistaking the S's for F's (my father used to have several magazine subscriptions to Mr. Rafmuffen), but the R?? What?

Not me, nor my address

We won't be doing any business with Carpinteria Ortiz.