American in Spain

Freaky Kiwi

February 19, 2009

For a while now I've been wanting to try some High Dynamic Range photography. My choice of subject for my first attempt probably shows my lack of experience. I cannot explain it, but I have an abnormal fascination with kiwi fuzz. If I ever get into macro photography, you can bet that kiwi fuzz will be one of the first things I attempt a close-up of.

The problem with HDR photography is that it's so easy, and fun, to make freakishly surreal photographs with weird colors and lighting. The unreality of most HDR photos initially turned me off to the practice, but I've come to respect those photographs that use the technique properly, to overcome the limitations of the camera and make photographs more real. Freakiwi

View large. I've done my best to get both the front of the kiwi, the sunlit hairs on top, and the sky all in their appropriate color ranges, but it's still obvious to the eye that something is wrong. Apparently this HDR stuff is harder than I thought.